DK E Serials high resolution inkjet
    发布时间: 2019-08-14 12:04    

High Resolution inkjet

Small volume, low price, DK E Serials high resolution inkjet

DK E Serials high resolution inkjet

E-series printer is developed based on TIJ2.5 tech, with high resolution and good stability. It can control 1-2 print heads, support to print text, batch number, manufacture date& expiry date, counter, image, variable barcode and database.

● With a 7inch touch screen as controller, can edit directly, easy to use.
● Maximum support 2 print heads, can combine or separate freely according to print requires
● High system integration, small in size, less component, easy install and maintenance
● Metal shell, industrial design, which makes printer more stable
● Non-contact RFID lock system, which makes it more stable to read the cartridge.
● It supports to print database with text and barcode.
● With competitive cost in the package market.


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